For readers that experience it every day, parenting is the most important, most fun, arduous, annoying, rewarding, thankless, and thankful job anyone who experiences it will ever experience. You’re responsible for shaping and moulding a little boy or girl into an upstanding and hopefully outstanding member of society. Considering the countless droves of people who have come before you, everyone is going to have some opinion pertaining to you and your parenting skills.

If you ever feel perturbed by possible judging eyes, then bring up this list on your phone and shove it in their judgy little face and tell them “at least I’m not doing #____, depending on how old you are, maybe that’s what your parents did for you, which would explain a whole lot.”

Or if you’re not into public confrontation with complete strangers, you can just read this list and snicker, or cringe in terror at some terrifying normal parenting pictures of the past.

1. Baggage Claim Babies

A few years back, there was a cute little picture that went viral – it was a mother who brought her twin babies on an airplane ride and took the time to make everyone that was going to ride the skyways with her a welcome package that had a little note, apologizing in advance for any possible tantrums her babies might have, and earplugs.

As frustrating as traveling with your baby might be, they pretty much have to sit on your lap for the entire duration of the flight, think about how much the experience might be better if you could put the rugrat into a Sky Cot? You’ve never heard of a Sky Cot? It’s awesome. It’s baggage claim for your baby! You hook a little cot onto the overhead baggage compartments of the plane. So now your lap is clear and you as a parent are free to roam around the plane without having to carry your kid with you.

Let’s just hope the kid doesn’t find a way to escape the flimsy safety net or get smashed by suitcases if the flight hits turbulence.


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