Suicide is a preventable cause of death, and yet it affects nearly one million people every year. When someone you know and admire commits suicide, you feel as if your entire value system goes to the wayside. Confusion, grief, and disbelief cloud your mind. When your favorite celebrity or hero dies from their hand, it makes you question yourself. Could you have seen this coming, and maybe missed a hint? For celebrities who have seemingly everything, you would think that there would be absolutely no reason to commit suicide. Glamour, popularity, and riches are easily cast aside with the slight wave of death’s magical wand.

Mental health plays a big role in suicide. Career stress, a terrible childhood, or a traumatic life event are factors that can, if improperly managed, drive a person to suicide. Mental health is the only wound you cannot see. Most famous people are just like you and I, when down and out it is easy to slip down the icy road to suicide, while living lives of quiet desperation. The only way out is to talk about it and get better as soon as possible. Though, most of us will never know what they were truly going through, it can be easy to skim the surface and guesstimate what was actually happening within their minds. Those perfect celebs may have had deep unresolved issues ranging from a damaged self-image, past abuse, regret, or remorse.

Like fingerprints, each suicide case is unique. When faced with adversity, some people allow their circumstances to crush them. A swift slit of the wrist, an overdose of drugs, or a slight hang from the tall ceiling would quickly wash away any problems, leaving behind families and friends to clean up the mess. The truth is, everyone has challenges in their life, and the only people who don’t are buried 6 feet under ground. Look for the warning signs, and be proactive about the prevention of suicide. No person should go through a voluntary loss.

1. Simone Battle

Simone Battle was a California girl from Los Angeles. In the entertainment industry, Battle was a singer and actress who made her television debut back in 2006, in roles for the hit series show Zoey 101 and Everybody Hates Chris. She was very involved in many projects in the entertainment world, which included her role as the main character in the Mary Mary music video called “Get Up.” Also in the music industry, Battle was a dancer in the popular music video “Teach Me How To Dougie” back in 2010. She went on be on the show The X Factor and became a finalist in 2011 after singing “When I Grow Up” by The Pussycat Dolls. Battle later joined the girl group GRL.

Unfortunately, she died on September 5, 2014, Los Angeles, CA at the age of 25 by committing suicide by hanging.


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