You’re going to read about some of the most despicable people to ever exist. Together, they’ve taken the lives of hundreds of hundreds of people from all over the world and have caused immeasurable pain.. They’re torturers, abusers, rapists and the crimes they’ve committed are enough to make you want to lose your lunch. They are some of the most famous serial killers to ever exist, but you’ve never seen them quite like this.

You might be left terrified as we pull back the cover and show them engaging in activities that you might’ve done earlier this week. Sharing a moment with Grandpa, hanging on the beach, or taking a loving family photo on Christmas are just some of the examples of these disgusting people living and engaging in activities that are downright normal. There’s even a killer who shook hands with Mike Tyson! Sure, you know Ted Bundy, but wait until you see a photo from his yearbook and the chilling quote that accompanies it. You know John Wayne Gacy dressed up as a clown, but have you ever seen him in action? And then there’s Mikhail Popkov who claims to have murdered over 80 women, smiling with his daughter.

These killers were anything but normal, but that didn’t mean they tried to avoid living a “normal” life.

1. Daniela Poggiali (38 Murders) Enjoys The Beach

It’s hard to make the argument that Daniela Poggiali felt bad about the 38 patients that she allegedly murdered during her time as a nurse. Especially when you consider Daniela Poggiali made headlines in particular for the fact that she took a selfie of her smiling over a dead patient.

It was also reported that Daniela Poggiali would go after patients who she’d deem annoying and felt pleasure whenever she committed a murder.

The above picture shows that Daniela Poggiali also clearly enjoyed spending some time on the beach! While we aren’t too sure what exactly is going on with her eyebrows, we certainly wouldn’t have the confidence to say anything about it.