If you know anything about lobotomies, your knowledge probably goes as far as to at least realize how horrible of a surgery it is. And if you don’t know anything about lobotomies, just know that it is one of the worst surgeries doctors have ever performed on innocent patients, mostly affecting the mentally ill and women.

Mental health is something that even in our modern medical world we know very little about. The brain is an intricate and sensitive organ, and you can’t just go prodding around in there with a sharp tool. But unfortunately, lobotomies did just that. They were an extremely damaging and invasive type of brain surgery that had tragic results on innocent patients.

But we’ll get into the details more throughout the rest of the list. When we think about doctors, we imagine someone we can trust. If you don’t have any experience in the medical field, even getting a common cold can be frightening at times. We laypeople don’t always know how our body works or why it does the things that it does, so we usually confide in a medical professional to treat our ailments. These are supposed to be people who know exactly what we need to get better, and that is something especially crucial for someone suffering from a mental illness.

That is what makes the story of lobotomies so tragic. These were all patients who were seemingly suffering, though you’ll soon see that not all of these patients were even sick. They put their faith in the doctors, and the doctors failed them. Here are 15 images that show the true horror of lobotomies.

1. There Were Two Men Responsible For It All

The kings of lobotomies, the men who came up with the idea and probably performed the most of these horrifying surgeries, were Dr. Walter Freeman and Dr. James Watts. So you’d think that the two of them, who performed tens of thousands of brain surgeries, must’ve been brain surgeons right? Nope, not at all. They were both still doctors, but only psychiatrists! It seems a little strange that two men who had no training in surgery were allowed to perform such controversial surgeries! But the two men were very good at marketing themselves and these surgeries, Dr. Walter Freeman was actually given a Nobel Peace Prize for his work. In reality, it was nothing more than a surgery that could be marketed towards a variety of people who were scared about how to treat mental illness that no one knew much about. At least now we’ll remember them throughout history as the masters they truly are.